Sustainable Fashion for a Conscience Consumer

In our current climate crisis, it’s hard to be fashion forward while remaining socially responsible. We live in a society that wastes tens of thousands of pounds in textiles every day. Consumerism and pollution are eating away at our precious earth. The fashion industry is no exception, in fact, it is at the forefront of some of these issues. As conscious beings, we owe it to ourselves and each other to do our part in preserving the environment, and as entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, we owe it to you to provide a solution to these issues. 

Two years ago Jessi Murray envisioned an idea that combines fashion and environmental sustainability. She imagined a place where women can go to indulge in a shopping experience that is not only eco friendly, but affordable and unique. Over the course of two years, Jessi has curated a magnificent closet that crosses over styles and trends, an eclectic range of items that could reach every kind, style and size of girl. Before she knew it, her tiny loft apartment had been turned into a massive storage unit of clothing that continued to grow and Library was born.

At the beginning of 2018, Jessi met Ãnna Frost, co owner of Library. What started out as an instagram friendship quickly turned into a real friendship after they learned they shared many of the same thoughts when it came to fashion, personal style and sustainability. Together they have spent countless hours, late nights that turned into mornings and long weekends to turn their vision into reality that they hope will resonate with you as deeply as it did with them.